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I didn’t know that french maid outfits were in style these days*
*Cat backpack not included


I Don’t Think So

Putting on that nail polish is not going to make you look any less like an “Oliver” cast member.

Comic Book Character

Its bad enough one person bought this jacket…

Get Horace Grant On The Phone

Can’t we get this kid some rec specs? His brother is probably worn out from all of the pocket protector jokes.

Pink Party

Well done! You’ve managed to impress the weirdos on the CTA with your color coordination.  Not the crowd you were looking to attract? That’s what you get for riding the CTA.


I can’t look at what the CTA has become either. Good move.

I Don’t Want to Deal With Your Crap

This is one way of not smelling the CTA or maybe she just wanted to blend in.