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Ignore Them!

Good for you sad Asian man for ignoring the drunk suburbanites dancing in your face. Play on sir, play on.


Just Your Everyday Dance Party

The People of the CTA continue to amaze creep me out in so many ways

You Can Dance If You Want To

…..but your still a drunk a**hole

Bobble Head

This takes on a whole new meaning when you realize those are not headphones he has on

Fashion Show

Not quite the Victoria’s Secret show….you know because its on a CTA train

No Ray, This is Iowa

This video describes itself “Nine seminary students from University of Dubuque hit Chicago, attend the Hip-Hop Church in Lawndale called, appropriately, The House, and bust a move on the subway trip home”.

I would have called it “two morons who can’t dance should stop filming themselves being idiots just because they are in the big city for a weekend” Oh, and go back to Iowa.


Let’s move past the atrocious 70’s dance moves. I want to know how you make calls on a Playskool phone in Subway station.