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Must Have Been A Good Weekend

….but if you were drinking Busch Light – especially on the el you either don’t remember or you woke up at 95th.


Alcohol + Minors = Morons

You are not funny, witty, smart, or even mildly entertaining. But if you put yourself on youtube you’ll wind up here. Yes, you should be ashamed.

Take The Pepsi Challenge

If Pepsi really had this effect it would be the best selling drink in the world.

You Can Dance If You Want To

…..but your still a drunk a**hole

A Plea From Your Author

If you live in Lake, Will, McHenry or DuPage County please stop ruining train rides. Thank You.

Say What?

Is there some right of passage about getting drunk and riding the CTA? I think I missed that one. On second thought, maybe not. Enjoy the weekend, this guy sure will.

Try A Garbage Can Next Time

I commend the photographer for taking the shot before this guy pukes on your shoes